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Attractions in Boryeong City

기획 여행

Boryeong, Korea

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대천 해수욕장


Daecheon Beach

Daecheon Beach is a place where youth and romance, comfort and natural beauty are in harmony. As a place for young lovers to make memories, as a resting place for families, and as a mecca for marine sports, it has all the requirements. It is a large sandy beach with a length of 3.5 km and a width of 100 m. On the south side of the white sandy beach, strange rocks and strange stones are well developed, creating an unexplored scene.


Boryeong Mud Festival

Daecheon Beach holds a mud festival that both foreigners and locals can participate in from mid-July every year. Mud rock festival and hip-hop-rave party are in preparation. Boryeong Mud Festival is an experiential festival where all participants spread natural mud on their body and roll around together.

대천 해수욕장 머드 페스티벌
보령 중앙시장


Boryeong Traditional Market

There are a total of 5 traditional markets, including Hannae Market, Dongbu Market, Hyundai Market, and Ungcheon Market. Boryeong’s representative traditional market boasting history and tradition since its opening in December 1929. In 1851, the market was established in Boryeong as a result of the activities of a bobu-sang organization named ‘Wonheung-ju Army Commercial Officer’ until now during the Japanese colonial period, liberation period, and the 6.25 War. Through the upheaval of the times, it has been repeated as the Boryeong Traditional Central Market.


cold wind bath

The cold wind bath using the natural winds of the abandoned mine is so cool that even the sweltering heat can be put to rest in an instant. If you face the cold wind blowing from hundreds, thousands of meters underground, you can shake off even the heat of three days at once. Even in midsummer when the outside temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the indoor temperature of the cold wind bath is 12 degrees, and the 50 meter long cold wind bath has the characteristic of getting cooler as the outside temperature rises, so you can feel cool even in the midsummer heat.

충남 보령시에 위치한 냉풍욕장
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